Cooking Up A Rich Future

A campaign by Richard Futrell

A revolutionary program to train the next culinary artists of America. This campaign is focused on creating educational videos for inspiring culinary artists

I have leveraged my training as a Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher from N.F.T.E and my culinary training to develop an original program focused on changing the unhealthy eating habits of black families. I am an award winning Entrepreneur and well educated business man. At the age 19, I attended the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship BizCamp at Babson College. At Biz Camp, I ignited my passion for social change through business. I graduated from this intensive program and immediately started his first company Futrell Promotions. Futrell Promotions was urban marketing and Promotions company targeted urban youth ages 13-21. I was awarded The 2000 Entrepreneur of the Year from (NFTE) for my first venture success. In April 2003, Harvard Business School in conjunction with Babson College wrote a youth business case study on Futrell Promotions.

My Babson College education has set me on a great path to success in business. I have a huge alumni network from entrepreneurial programs like NFTE that I have completed in the past. I am a recent graduated of the Landmark Forum with a worldwide global presence; I am an active board member of Roxbury Community College Advisory Board.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to having a chance to interview for this social change