Crowd funding

Building Campaigns.


Crowdfunding allows you to fund your project through an online fundraising platform. The basic idea is the opposite of the usual funding schemes: instead of asking for large amounts of money from a small number of people, you ask for small amounts from a large number of people.
You do this by publishing a proposal.


People who donate money are often rewarded with small gifts depending on how much they give - someone donating a small amount might get a T-shirt or DVD of a finished film, and someone donating more might get a credit in a film or to meet the artist, or help with production.


Network - crowdfunding is greatly helped by spreading the word through your network, and since payments take place online, linking to your project from Facebook, Twitter, your blog and website, mailing list and other digital networking sites will make it more successful. It is up to you to spread the news about your project and to ask for money. The real power of crowdfunding is that people you know can donate you money - like if you were doing a sponsored walk for charity.

Be realistic - make a budget and explain in your proposal exactly what you will do with the money you raise. It might be useful to create equity based rewards for larger projects.


Present your project in a way that's compelling and simple to understand - a short video seems to be the preferred medium to present the projects, but a video will only be engaging if it's well done. If you don't have the technical expertise or equipment, and can't find a friend to help you, you could use a blog to allow people to feel involved in your project and find out more.